Welcome to Simply Skilled Productions

Simply Skilled Productions is a masterfully crafted group of artists, who firmly believe that "There is no life without music". On this website you can learn more about SSP, see our artists and the links to their social media and music uploads. 

Coming soon - Order SSP merchandise online and much more.

            Independently owned !!!!!


Simplyskilled Productions is an independently own music label with a variety of well verse artists, sound, production, and presentation ... With over 50 shows and 7 albums in the last 5 years SSP has been a force to be reckon with. New albums on the raise such as "My Legacy" from CEO GenAral and "Poetic Potions" from Tha Scientist SimplySkilled will continue to show how they stay true to there roots and never lost focus of why we start music in the first place. We thank all of our fans for the support along this jorney. WE ARE FAR FROM FINISHED !!!!!!!! 


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