Craig Hop

I’ve always loved music, I grew up on everything from heavy metal, jazz, folk, punk and classic rock, which made it weird for those around me to see me get into making hip-hop music, but my love for the genre and the culture gave me a drive that has been fueling me since I started taking it seriously in 2013, when I started my own group That Guy Productions, producing and writing music. For three years I made tracks and collaborated with a lot of different artists trying to create a buzz with the locals, while creating a mixtape that would establish myself as a true emcee. I enrolled in UMass Dartmouth studying Finance and Music, learning instrument and digital production under Jing Wang. Having the opportunity to be on the ground in Boston area gave me the chance to perform in studios across the state and in different parts of the Northeast opening for artists like King Los and Bizzare of D12, and becoming a Grind Mode Affiliate participating in their NE Cyphers. In 2016 I linked up with Joshua Johns aka GenAral of Simply Skilled Productions, through one of my mentors, Carolina Black. After working on single tracks with SSP, GenAral offered his expertise and invited me into the family. When I began to book shows in Pittsfield, working with many people began to give back to the community I’ve grown up in through what we began to call HipHop4Change, a series of concerts hosted by the Crowne Plaza's Downtown Pub, I asked GenAral for his help and together we have begun a revival of what was once a strong scene, and given many new artists the chance to finally take their hobbies onto the stage. I’m excited to have the opportunity to finally manifest my dreams with a strong team and finally get working on an album. Thank you to everybody who has stood by me and shown love on this long road, and thank you to those who said I couldn’t for giving me someone to prove wrong, the best is yet to come!