Dirty J (Tribal Infantry)

What up it's Dirty J,music has been a huge  part of my life. Growing up I mainly listened to what was on the radio or what ever cassette tape my brother or cousins weren't listening to. From the blues to jazz,funk, rock and roll,and hip hop. I try to incorporate all of those aspects into the music I put out. I currently have a joint project out with Info in our group Tribal Infantry Unfinished Business. You can find that on iTunes, Amazon ,Google Play ,YouTube, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Datpiff and SoundCloud.

My influences are Eminem, Dr Dre, Notorious B.I.G,Nas,LL Cool J,Joe Budden,Jimi Hendricks, B.B. King,John Lee Hooker,Stevie Ray Vaughan,Bill Withers,James Brown, The Doors,Carlos  Santana,Prince .

I'm currently working on a solo ep. As of now its undecided what the title is going to be but I'll do a lil digging in the dirt and figure something out.

I appreciate the support from everyone. From the whole SSP roster, new additions included. To each and every fan.  Your appreciation for good music doesn't go unnoticed.

Tribal Infantry formed in 2006. Comprised of only 2 members who meet in the late summer of 2006 as co-workers. I had already been honing my skills when I met Info. Once together, writing an recording, we began pushing each other with every verse. We seperated in 2009 due to lifestyle changes, Info served in the military and myself, went to barber school. Over the years they kept in contact and in the summer of 2013 we linked back up and began writing music together again. No more then 6 monthes later Tribal Infantry signed as the first group under SimplySkilled Production. Now the sky is the limit.