Representing SimplySkilled Productions they call me D.R. aka Daron Reynolds. I been doing this music thing since 2005. Main focus on my music is therapy. Just feels good getting my emotions on paper, then recording it the studio, and then performing it live on stage. There's no other feeling then making your own music from scratch. I couldn't even give you any influences I've had cause there's not just one that stands out but myself.

I love music period. Since I've joined SimplySkilled Productions in 2012 my music has definitly been influenced by my partner Joshua Johns aka GenAral. He started the whole SimplySkilled group years ago with a vision, now the vision is coming into play and progress is being made. GenAral has definitly giving me the confidence to be where I am and where I'm going to be in the future. SimplySkilled is more of a family than a music group which makes our music stand out. We click. I wanna thank all supporters we get and we have a lot more coming so stay tuned. Shout out to my crew.