GenAral - "CEO"

Joshua Johns aka GenAral. I am founder, owner, producer and CEO of SimplySkilled Productions. Born in Lancaster, California my dedications to music steams from my greatest musical influences, my father Tony Johns and my Uncle Mitch Johns. I grew up listening to them play in our attics and basements doin there thing with music my whole life and realized that there was a deep love for music in me. I took there creativity and knowledge of music and applied it in to my own style and sound.

I am a father of 2 beautiful girl, Ariana & Lilly Rose and an 2 strong sons Dominic & Julian. My fiance' has been a supportive women who's been by my side from the start. She is the backbone to this company and without her I would have not made it this far.  

My goals are to provide for both my family and my SSP family doing the thing I love most, music. I want to see my label and artist succeed in all there goals and aspirations. My thoughts for the future are held in a great quote I read by Gandi - "A man is but a product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes." My thougts are at the highest they could be so the future is nothing but exciting in my eyes.