Ride ya Groove

Every Friday 6pm-9pm on STAR 101.7

Its ya boy D.R…..Ride Ya Groove huh? Whats good im the on-air host of Ride Ya Groove on STAR 101.7fm. I currently have the Friday night slot 6pm-9pm.The show started off as an idea for something totally different. Actually Ride Ya Groove was an idea for a mini dvd series I had thought of. I tossed around ideas for this dvd but nothing really came of the idea. I started working for the radio station in june of 2014. I Started off selling commercial time for shows on STAR 101.7fm. So two months into being at the radio station I suggested to my boss jokingly that I should do my own hiphop and R&B show. My boss with no hesitation said “Go For it”. I didn’t wanna just start the show the next day so I took a month or two and came up with a concept for the show. “Ride Ya Groove” made sense for the name of the show because when you are listening to music you are riding the groove of the song.The name flows to me and so I ran it by a couple of close friends who really liked the name of it.My first show was august 22th of 2014. The show has only gotten better in time. So check me out on STAR 101.7FM EVERY Friday night 6pm-9pm. I appreciate all the support and love. Keep it easy -D.R.

www.rideyagroove.com Coming Soon !!!!!!!